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  1. Congratulations, Speedy.
  2. My whole point is that the RE has not been tested to my knowledge. Perhaps the MOPAR hasn't either. I don't think you can eyeball them and say that one is better. I have now had two engineers look at both designs. I'm not trying to downgrade the effectiveness of the RE piece, but I see a lot of people being critical of the MOPAR piece. Unfortunately, MOPAR doesn't have engineers reviewing forum posts and defending their position. I'll leave it at that unless you want to get into more detail.
  3. That's what I hear, but who has tested it? I work with structural steel for a living, so even though I'm not an engineer, I know a little bit about steel. Without knowing the direction of the loads being transferred, I can't say which design is better. Neither could my friend that has a masters in Engineering. He also deals in structural steel. I have to assume that Mopar put some thought into their design.
  4. Doesn't look very stout to me. They are taking all of the load into bent sheet metal and it doesn't tie to the firewall area like the Mopar or RE. Check out the connection at the ends of the Mopar brace for comparison.
  5. I put the washer on the back side of the cowl support bar and snugged it up good without any crushing. The lock nut won't loosen up. The strut bar fit snugly to the cowl support, so I didn't install the washer between the strut bar and the cowl support bar. I figure it's better to spread the load out over the entire contact area. I dunno, but it seemed to work. The painted RE bar looks good on your car.
  6. Well, that was pretty easy.
  7. I'll be installing a Mopar Strut Tower Brace this weekend. Not that I really needed one, but I've read good things about strut braces. For grins, I sent photos of the Mopar brace and a competing brand to a friend that has a masters in engineering. He can't tell a lot from photos, but his overall impression was that he would go with the Mopar brace. Some of that stems from him not wanting to remove a factory component. There were also design considerations. As I look at them, I see pros and cons to both setups. This is been debated to death on the forums. I just wanted to get an unbiased opinion. Without testing, my friend felt that it would be difficult to simply look at the two designs and conclude that one is better than the other. People tend to negate the existence of the rectangular tube that the Mopar pieces bolts up to. Granted, it isn't a heavy gauge piece, but it is approximately 1" x 1.75" with two bolts at each end. After reading some posts on various forums, I expected to find a wimpy angle, etc. FWIW.
  8. Haven't tried one, but you might decide on your mods before you invest in a CAI. If you end up supercharging the car, you'll likely need a different CAI.
  9. Nice! I bet that will be fun to drive.
  10. When I read the title of the post, I thought it said "new plugs in butt......" Cool pic, Rob.
  11. Man, that is awesome! Congratulations!
  12. Like others, I used ramps in the front and jackstands in the back. I used a second set of jackstands in the front because the plastic ramps were starting to squat a bit.
  13. I could try that. In or out? I figure it's an experimental process. I spoke to Steve with Solo about it. He lead me to believe that I was going to hear it because the exhaust was louder. I don't get drone when MDS is off, so I didn't mess with it. Maybe I'll give it a try.
  14. I didn't notice MDS until I installed the Solo exhaust. I wouldn't call it "drone", but the sound is different when MDS kicks in. I think it is simply noticeable because the exhaust is louder. What surprised me is that MDS kicks in when driving around town. I shift with autostick to keep it turned off. The different sound is just enough to be annoying. My ears are sensitive to low frequencies. I should probably just turn it off with my Predator.
  15. Congrats!