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Found 1 result

  1. So the new Hellcat has 1970 miles on it. This past weekend I started hearing the supercharger getting louder. There's a well known issue with some cars being affected by bad bearings in the supercharger and dealers replace them when impacted. Swung by my local dealer this morning and they confirmed mine's affected. New supercharger will be ordered and installed. Now you see why I'm not jumping on pulleys and tunes right off the bat. Supercharger is $10,000 (down from $18,000 last year) so that would have really hit the pocket book if I had to cover it. I looked through the parts and the supercharger has changed P/Ns 4-5 times in the two years. I also had a very good source tell me Dodge has completely changed the manufacturer of the bearings altogether due to issues. Will probably get swapped out next week. The tech doing the work is supposed to be pretty good, he works on all their SRT stuff and I saw him working on a new Viper a couple weeks back. He just took delivery of a Go Mango T/A Challenger as well so there's that I have a good relationship with the place and they've been a sponsor of CF so hopefully all nice and smooth. I may even see if I can hang out and help do the swap. On a related note, a buddy of mine and I had a little bit of a race leaving a cruise Saturday night. He's a Corvette fan, and kinda one of those that thinks Corvettes are God's gift to the automotive industry. He has a white 2016 Z06. I think it's all stock except for an X pipe. First hit we were lining up and I had it in 4th instead of 3rd and we hit it at 60MPH and he pulled about a half a car on me until my RPMs recovered and we stayed in that same position up until I let off at about 140. He kept on going to like 170 but that's too much for me around here. Second hit I was behind him and better prepared in 3rd and when I heard his exhaust open up I mashed it to the floor and stayed right with him again until I let off at 150. He kept going till 170+. We both agreed nothing official so we need to get out somewhere really desolate and do a 40 - 140 and see what's what but I honestly expected him to pull on me a bit due to the lighter weight. I weighed the Challenger and without me in it 4500lbs. He weighed his Z06 and WITH him in it 3700. Just shows the Hellcat really makes some steam, more than 707 for sure.