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1972 F100 Stepside Project. Polishing The Mag Wheels.

polished out my mags on the truck the last couple of days.



remove mag from vehicle

spray wheel with WD40

polish wheel with mild abrasive scotch brite pad or steel wool

wipe mag

polish with aluminum mag polish using wax application pad

wipe mag. power buff with drill and buffing pad if desired.


Front Mag done, Rear mag not done yet.



Mag before polishing



Mag after WD40 and scotchbrite polishing



After mag polishing with Mothers aluminum mag polish not wiped yet



mag polished out with microfibre cloth



Mag after power polishing with drill and buffing ball



Finished Product



man it takes a long time to post pictures properly.

Hope this post is both enjoyable and informative.

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might need to sand with 320 grit & WD40. but try the above first


You should be able to tell after the first step.


Um... not a shitty camera.... a shitty old Iphone4


camera lens is scratched up but it plays tunes great. And phone and internet work well.

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