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Billet Technology Magnum Wing Group Buy (Very Limited Production)



So I've been bugging the boss lady for a while, and we did a test on the Dodge Magnums World Wide Facebook group, and the response was very strong. 


Here's the skinny... we need at least 15 people, 30% deposit (non-refundable after we start manufacturing). Deposit is refundable until production starts. You can have any standard emblem you want for $125 shipped. (not including 3D or reverse cut)


Here are the details, please read carefully.


People Needed: 15 minimum


Cost: $125 shipped


Deposit: 30% non-refundable deposit required.

 - Deposit maybe refunded if requested BEFORE production starts.

 - Once production begins, no deposits will be issued.


Engrave: Your choice on engrave.

 - 3D Engrave $125 up-charge (email or call the shop)

 - reverse cut (email or call the shop)

 - Custom Engrave (not already on hand with BT) will be additional cost


Anodize: All standard Billet Technology anodize colors available.


Lead Time: 6 weeks from CLOSE of Group Buy. This means that the 6 week lead time starts once we close the Group Buy and go into production. NOT 6 weeks from when you sign up and place your deposit.


Please do not comment in THIS THREAD (or any other one) if you'd like to take advantage of this offer, please follow the link at the bottom of my post, read the article, then follow the link to the Group Buy on the store where you can put down your deposit. We only run these every couple of years, so if you miss out now, I wouldn't expect to see it again, until 2017... if ever.


Once we have 15+ people, and others have had a reasonable amount of time to order (aprox May 30th) and place their deposit, we'll close the Group Buy and begin production.




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If ay all have been following along here we have the badges in blanks all done and the wings will go into production before the end of the month.  I'm hearing the 300 Wing could be making a comeback too.  

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