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Hampton Roads Mopar Get Together & Farewell

Purpose: Peelin (challyforumz) aka Bert is leaving Hampton Roads area and moving away. So were taking this opportunity for everyone to say farewell to an old friend, and to say hello to those of you in the are that just haven't been able to come hang out with any of the local Mopar group around here. So if you can make it come on out. We are trying to get as many Mopars for some great pictures as possible.




Quaker Steak and Lube Newport News


12832 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, Virginia 23608-3018

View map · Get directions


Time: Sunday at 1200

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During the summer every Sat night (when it's not raining) at Hardee's on the Corner of Jefferson and Dresden.


The 3rd saturday morning of the month in Williamsburg at the Williamsburg Cars and Coffee.


And you'll also find us on the 1st & 3rd Friday nights at Charlies in Smithfield.


Sunday will be a great time to meet up with quite a few MOPAR fans, and get to know what goes on locally.





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Appreciate it..

I will be home for awhile in late September, be good to get socially aclimatized, enjoy time with other enthusiasts.

Look forward to it..

Sure could use a Real American Cheesburger about now....

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