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  1. Heck everybody gets lucky sometime. I just spun less that guy next to me. That was first time on the 315 radial we learned a couple things last weekend at the sct event that might just help us at Woodward and maybe at Milan too ???? Have a local 275 race here this weekend. Then start counting days to Woodward. Troy
  2. That challenger is nice and with the upgrades he is doing will be hard to beat that's for sure.
  3. Can't wait sounds like going to be a good time. Troy
  4. was curious about this also. With the 6.1 blocks and such harder to find I am wondering how viable the 6.2 block/short block would be. Been trying to look for more information on it and the truck 6.4 block but seems some say the block is strengthened and some same just cooling around cylinders changed. Troy
  5. Thanks again guys. Finally slowing down at work so getting a chance to look at forums again. Seeing how we didn't get engine and everything back into car til Thursday still surprised we even made it. New motor was broken in the hard way that is for sure. Troy
  6. I am actually using a wheel attached to back of balancer and one off crank trigger bracket on mine Troy
  7. right now we only have about 10* in it and yes still dual plug. Have a Buford smart coil on each plug. I should never have issue blowing out spark I tell ya. ???? Troy
  8. The block was closer to 1/2 to 2/3 filled. Bores were .005" over stock. After talking to a few people sounds like the drilling out and heli coiling for the 1/2 studs could have weakened the block. I think this has been are whole issue the entire time we haven't ran more then 19lbs boost.
  9. All the time thinking it was a intake gasket then a head gasket. Ended up cracking 5 of the cylinders in the block
  10. Thanks everybody. Will try to post a few pictures. Was a really fun event would have been nice it it had a little prep to it but car stayed mostly in its lane. Troy
  11. If you like the car go for it. Plan on keeping it as a daily driver? It's probably not going to be cheap to build and probably frustrating at time but would be fun driver. Even a stock 5.7 would put it way ahead of where your last engine was and if you source everything at once would be cheaper. Keep it with the rover drive and factory computer and gas mileage will even be better than before. These hemis are wide and lime to take a lot of room compared to your old engine. Troy
  12. I did a search and found a few threads talking about using copper gaskets and seems most have had issues. Mine seem to seep by when engine is cool or been sitting but fine after it warms up. I see some switched to MLS gaskets. Does anyone have a part number you switched to and did you have any issues with the o-ring grooves? Also block and heads have been taken out to 1/2 " head studs. Also not sure how many people have used or using the muscle motors drag pak style intake. Seems we keep pushing the intake gasket any time we start getting near 20 psi boost. Troy
  13. Nice to see you back working on car again. May have to come take another peek at her. Troy
  14. 3452 was with 14 gallons fuel in large tank. 4 gallons in small tank and 8 gallons water in intercooler tank. Oh and a Carl's Jr. Burger in me ???? Troy
  15. Was a great weekend. Finally got car out for it's second race. Did find out car is a lot heavier then I thought it was going to be. Scaled at 3452lbs. Will need to work on getting it set-up a bit better as weight from side to side a bit off. All in all was a good outing. Need to work a lot more on 60'. New version of software has been released so should be able to get bump feature working soon. Video of final which I lost did finally make 8 lbs on launch and 18-19 at top. Thanks Jaramie for coming out sorry to see son was sick. https://youtu.be/Y1qQUEaparQ Troy