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  1. Drag Pack, Copo and Cobra Jet are limited to 2.9L blower by NHRA. If you gave them an option of a bigger blower, I'm sure they would take it. Hellcat is a whole different world when it comes to transitions into boost then the older mechanical stuf. ITs easy to tailor the curve to make them drivable if you know what you are doing. I do agree that at some point, more power becomes useless on the street though.... J
  2. Interesting that MMX feels the Corsa is an issue. We've dynoed Jeeps well above the 700rwhp level with the corsa without issues. Its a hit vs a cutout but a cutout is a lot cheaper then a full exhaust fab.... Glad to hear its running well. Will we see you at Maple Grove? J
  3. Power wise is similar but the 426 will need more RPM to make the same power. If limited to pump gas, the 440 will get the edge with the extra displacement. I've run 440s up to 7krpm intermittently but I wouldn't recommend it for long term durability. That's a long arm on an Iron block motor. My engine is an aluminum block so I can run the same stroke as the 426 and push the bore bigger to get the displacement I wanted. In Short, Swap mounts, Swap Headers (some installations can use stock manifolds depending on application), PCM of your choice (Production or aftermarket standalone can be used. I'm going to use a 2015 GPEC2A), Swap Harness, EFI Pump and lines, custom CAI, Throttle Pedal (if going DBW). Lots of options for transmissions just depends on what you want to do. The Hemi has the same bellhousing pattern as the old LA Small Block so you can use a Small Block 727, A518 OD, A580 (with either production or standalone controllers), 545rfe, 8HP (still in progress). You can even use GM transmissions with an Adapter, 4L60, 4L80, T400 ETC. Obviously several manual options exist too from A833, T56, TR6060, etc. It all depends on how you want to build it. Mopar did release a harness and controller kit (which includes the throttle pedal) for their Crate Engines (5.7 and 6.4L MTX) at SEMA. They also sell the 45deg oil filter adapter, throttle pedal, FEAD kit, Rear Sump pan kit, AC Expansion kit, power steering kit and Jeep SRT exhaust manifold Kit (tightest fitting, highest flowing exhaust manifolds from the factory). They are currently supporting the Manual trans crate engines but working on Auto trans kits from what I hear.
  4. I'm putting an Aluminum 440, with ported 6.4 Heads in my 68 Coronet. With the iron block, your stroke will limit you to staying NA but It would be a great combination. I have a customer with a 6.1 based 426 in a 68 Charger, 727 and 3.91 8 3/4 rear. Great combination. Only thing I would change is adding a gear vendors OD but that's personal preference. I don't think you will need the T400, a 727 will do fine at the power levels you are going to be pushing. I'm using the 8HP90 from the Hellcat in mine.
  5. I'll have to talk to Dave about some of those cutouts... Nice Ride. J
  6. Its unfortunate if that guy really did get ripped of by SpeedLogix. I remember having a very similar design bar (fabricated in house) in a Ford Focus I raced back in 2005. That concept has been around a while. I can sympathize though. Tuning is no better. You help a guy out with a problem he is having, then he gets on the internet talking about how great he is at doing what you just taught him. All the sudden he's the hero when you've been doing the same stuff for years. Needless to say, those people don't get phone calls answered anymore... Now that HPTuners is out its even worse because even though you lock a cal in Diablo, its not locked to HP. Nothing is protected from your competition anymore. J
  7. Its not a Dodge part, its from Stage 6 Motorsports.... J
  8. Thitek already offers heads with the Hellcat bolt pattern I believe. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. I think that was Brian Auten's Jeep. If I remember right it was a forged 392 with Procharger F1 at the time. I think his Facebook page is BasicB J
  10. 8's hasve been done on a WK1. Fastest WK2 (2012+) to date is 10.9. I believe there is a single turbo truck that has gone 10.92 and a SC truck that has gone 10.98. Not a lot of guys have been doing big power WK2s yet.. J
  11. Nice! Now you need to bring it to the MSHS races this year ;-) J
  12. Make sure the gear ratio is set correctly in the TCM. SRTs have 3.06 rear gear ratios. Your Magnum might have the taller 2.xx gears. That will cause the issue Cam is alluding to...
  13. I've seen 50rwhp gain on some boosted applications depending on the exhaust and power level. What are your build specs? Did boost drop with the cutout open?
  14. Call HHP and order from them. They will sell you the right part.
  15. FYI Make sure you have your calibration changed to go with this. The WOT box will trick the MAP reading to read a lower value. If you run this with your current calibration, you may be over sparked and could detonate the engine.