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  1. Heard you been running open wheels
  2. I wouldnt update this thread anyway. You guys obviously cant read dates.
  3. absolutely nothing
  4. Have a link to the rules? You should start a thread
  5. of course you did. I'll keep bumping it for you till some gives a fuck why you did
  6. picked the wrong thread dumbass. HAHA you fucking tard, leave the shit talking to people that can.
  7. pay up mofos alan needs more coke
  8. ouch
  9. API never got to bend me over. I felt them creeping up behind, so I shiv'd there ass
  10. nah hes a great guy
  11. badass! my balls vibrated watching that
  12. I dont know. I grew up around Darrell Cox and Mike Crawford they sure did make it look easy
  13. whatever youve got to tell yourself. sure they do
  14. so they did give pity on you. car dealers dont buy cars on trade to sell for no profit, that to a car dealer is a loss cause of overhead