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  1. ..
  2. Sorry to everyone.
  3. I'd like to apologize to shakenbake for my posts. I wish everyone well and good by and feel free to delete my account.
  4. are you a dick like shakenbake says.

  5. ...

  6. Was driving my Ram 1500 to work and the transmission started shifting hard with loud clunks. Dropped it off at the dealership Service Manager said it could maybe look at it Tuesday as the transmission tech is booked out for a month. Anyone else have this shifting issues?
  7. Forged engine, built trans/differential/drive shaft/axles, fuel system= $$$, Hell Cat would be cheaper and less head ache in the long run.
  8. Headers can come out with heads.
  9. I think I read that Mahle supplies the pistons, they seem to hold ok up the 1000-1100 hp range.
  10. Crew cab, 5" 7' bed
  11. Thanks Alan