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  1. Jay, I got the dampened DSS shaft and have not had a single noticeable difference in sound, ride or anything else. I did the 3.09 gear and have a little more noise but nothing concerning.
  2. Yes, good call Jay. Nothing wrong at all with using that Mobile 1 as well.
  3. Greg, Pennzoil Ultra full synthetic 0W-40
  4. Awesome Wes. I had take a couple photos from the front of my yellow jacket and thought they were cool.......this shot is freaking amazing.
  5. Deposit made. Looks like its going to a new home.
  6. When I went through my issues with constantly breaking the pass side, Frank went above and beyond and fixed me up and never broke another.
  7. Awesome Jay..... GLWS..... a ton of car for the money.
  8. 2010 5.7 VVT block Now forged 392 Callies compustar crank Callies Ultra HP rods Diamond pistons Comp 274 VVT cam (specs actually tweekd by modern muscle) MDS deleted Still VVT with limiter New oil pump New Mopar 6.1 lifters New heavy wall pushrods Cometic head gaskets New timing setup Eagle heads ported by MM with all new valves New springs (PSI I believe) 6.1 intake ported by MM MM 87mm throttle body ATI balancer Shortblock built by Billy Briggs. (data sheet available) Complete engine assemble by me. Has pushed my full weight challenger to a best of 10.13 on mild tune with a procharger at 13lbs. NO INJECTORS.....sold those with procharger. 6500 complete minus accessories. Will consider selling just shortblock or even complete minus front cover and oil pan. Will also consider taking a decent running complete 5.7, or eagle heads, front cover, oil pan in as trade. If your serious....lets talk. Worst case I trade it in with a good sounding forged engine. Not sure about shipping it....again lets talk.
  9. Paid................
  10. ....yeah man I couldn't pass up the yellow cat. good news is a lot of good stuff is flying off the old one. Damn shame nobody wanted it whole.
  11. 3500.00 3800.00 with injectors
  12. Sorry I just had a chance to look at this. Definitely would need some tweeking. A lot of guys want this but they all have 2012 and up stuff.
  13. dropping the price a bit....3500.00, 3800 with injectors.