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  1. From the album This

  2. From the album This

  3. From the album This

  4. From the album This

  5. 6 speed or auto on the challenger??
  6. I know it's different launching manuals and autos, but when I'm at the track on rsa's I lower psi to 25, do a 2-3 second burrnout just to clean, rev and lunch about 2500rpm. I feather the clutch and give the gas a half and half thing, half on for a second then full on then shift. The tires never spin, maybe chirp sometimes when I go a little harder but it's smooth as Keith Stone! One thing though, don't worry about racing the dude next to you, race yourself, take your time and be methodical.
  7. Pm sent
  8. Yeah Im going, ill see if i can Pm you right now.
  9. sure can I paypal? sorry i took a minute, had to poop
  10. crap I hate making offers, terrible at it. Did you have a number in mind?
  11. Lookin for some Srt springs. trying to get them on before CF3. Anybody got any??
  12. However you do get it aligned after, a friend of mine didnt align his G35 after we dropped it an inch and he went through his tires in less than 8,000! Literally had tire guts hangin out. Edit: Almost forgot, if your down with saving a little $$, the summit racing brand springs I'm almost 99% positive are repackaged Eibachs. Just a suggestion. I was thinking about those the other day.
  13. Yeah it's actually kind of a process. Random how-to. V http://www.modularmisfits.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1360
  14. Wouldnt think it'd be any different from mounting and balancing any other tire. Unless your using tubes In the rears
  15. Hey dickhead!! ... I just felt like saying dickhead too.