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  1. Update. Finally found the real cause for the P0300. PVC valve was sucking air where it screws into manifold. May have had 2 issues going on, failed coil #8 , vacuum leak at PVC . Finally fixed!!!1
  2. Replaced the crank and cam sensor because the were cheap. Didn't fix the problem but went from a P0300 to a P0308. Swapped the #8 coil pack AND PLUGS with # 4. Threw a P0304. Replaced the coilpack with a new mopar one. Did not fix the problem. Pulled the plugs, fouled from the failed coilpack. When these NGK's foul that's it..they are junk. So # 8 coilpack failed , fouled the plugs so had to replace coil pack and plugs. If you are going to try swapping the coilpack trick to another cylinder, swap the plugs as well or you may get to buy 4 new spark plugs.
  3. Thanks. I went catless on my viper. The non-foulers worked like a charm but you have to use two screwed together. I'll look further into the replacement pipes.
  4. Got a crank and cam sensor on the way.
  5. Yeah I can say it. Shouldn't need it it yet. Car breaks sitting in garage....
  6. Reset. P0308 #8 cylinder now. Swapped coil pack with # 6. Still has a P0308. Can smell the rotten odor occasionally out of the exhaust. Oh brother here we go....
  7. 2009 SRT8 Challenger. Kind of odd bad gas maybe?
  8. 575,000+ died from the H1N1 in 2009-10. 1.6 billion got it world wide. 60.8 million Americans got it and the number of American deaths 17k don't line up with the global numbers. Because the Messiah was president and no one cared. We heard from someone on another forum who son is friends with a boy from Wuhan, he told him there was more than one strain and local paper was shut down immediately by the Govt. for reporting it. Now I read there may be 6 possible strains which would explain why some die and some are asymtomatic. Also the drama queen reporting is lumping in covid-19 deaths with pneumonia and flu deaths driving up the number...
  9. Thank God I have gym equipment at home. It's going to be entertaining watching people waddle back in the gym lol.
  10. Same around here except the local Walmarts are jammed packed. The local hospitals are not overwhelmed with covid-19 cases. I'm sure maybe somewhere but for the most part its over-hyped.
  11. Is this thing going to happen with all that is going on? I hope so.
  12. Thanks I found them. I was looking at SSW. and a few others but were only listing them from 2015+. The old man said screw that. Going to remove the cats and knock the guts out and install spark plug non-foulers in rear o2 sensor spot to prevent a CEL.
  13. Can't seem to find one for mine. Anyone make these? Retaining factory shorty manifold.
  14. Go ahead and rub it in....:(