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  1. Well this one's a bummer
  2. Holy shit, nice work Jay and Lee
  3. But I was already in the USA...I mean I did move but that had way more to do with them finishing the house than any election
  4. Coming back after a few years away...I assume Flyboys isn't a male version of the JLo dance group from In Living Color...this place couldn't have changed that much
  5. Merry Christmas you filthy animals
  6. sounds about right
  7. Well that goes without saying... I always did get "needs to be less social during class" on my report cards growing up...I never had a chance did I?
  8. Mike finally ended up getting that Viper? Was wondering a while back but he blocked me on FB during the primaries
  9. isn't Roush out of Michigan?
  10. good luck with the crabs
  11. Don't forget the crime thread Alan. As sad and disgusting as this was you can't let a two-for-one get by
  12. do those splitters actually work?
  13. That's my hope for the future too....although someone running a bead of caulk and paint matching sure would be amusing
  14. Had the local shop install BC coilovers and got new rims and tires. Thought it was an issue with the rims and tires so had them re-balanced w/ hubcentric rings but I'm still getting vibration in the steering wheel at 75-85 mph. Anyone else have a similar issue? Going to take the car back to the shop and have them re-check the alignment but figured I'd check to see if anyone had a similar experience first.
  15. I really want to love the widebody...but I can't seem to