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  1. You should reach out to Mike & Micah at OST Dyno. I seem to remember them going through some trouble with the reluctor wheel on a motor they were building a while back.
  2. Zaino is good wax. I use Griots Garage. They also sell some high quality products. They sell a good high speed buffer to use with their products. If you don't know much about detailing their website has some good videos to help you. Plus Oreilly's auto parts sells just about all of products.
  3. High speed buffer with the right foam pad good polish will be your best bet, Then seal it with a wax. If scratches are not down to the clear the buffer will clean it up.
  4. Replaced cam lifters and timing chain plus chain guides on my 2012 at 112000 miles. You need to leave the heat shield off of the manifolds. The stud that holds the shield on gets vibration from the shield and breaks. The stud is part of the manifold bolt and it breaks also. Usually in the head. I replaced my manifolds with BBK shorty headers. Stock exhaust hooks right up. All 4 of the heat shield stud bolts were broke off in the head plus manifolds were cracked. Manifolds on these trucks are restricted and junk. Headers are much better plus big increase in low end torque. The lifers were redesigned in 2015 and no trouble from there up. I do reccomend using Pennzoil oil. I had Mobile1 in my motor until the cam went out. Changed to Pennzoil after that
  5. You can do that but the exhaust sound does not sound good. I had a cat that was coming apart on my Ram truck. Cut the cats open & cleaned them out Welded them back together. The trucks have the same cats as do the challengers. The cats are big & when you clean them out there is a big hollow space inside them where the exhaust has to bounce around before it exits out of them. The exhaust makes a whisping sound almost like an exhaust leak sound. Not so much at cruzing speeds but when you are getting on it. You can try it. If you don't like the sound you can always order new mid pipes.
  6. JBA used to make them. I guess they still do. That's what I have on my 09. I have JBA shorty headers also but the mid pipes will work on factory manifolds which by the way are shorty headers. I put these on in 2010. Bought headers & mids from HHP. JBA also made hi flow cats that where made into the mid pipe. Those will work better if you still have the stock tune in the car.
  7. I am no expert on rear differentials but it sounds like the clutches are gone in the getrag. They lock & unlock when you turn the car left & right. Probably the reason you don't hear anything when you get straightened out. Eric would be the man I would reach out too. He is the specialist on getrags. Have you changed the gear oil lately? I changed mine back in the summer & put too much friction modifier in it. I use Mobil 1 & some extra modifier, It would clunk hard when you put it in gear & turning left & right slowly. I drained it back out put just Mobil 1 gear oil in without any modifier & all is well now. Mobil 1 has modifier in it but I thought it needed a little more. I was wrong.
  8. Just an opportunity to go bigger better & FASTER. That's racing.
  9. I was there. You all will be very surprised.
  10. #1 rule in racing. Never talk about the weather
  11. 5% lemo tint both sides & the back. Only way to go
  12. That sounds great. I am always ready for food. Ribeye steaks are my favorite
  13. So how much is this race going to cost the LOOSER. I forgot what the wager was at VMP. GG since you have some new race parts & Speedy you have new tires I think we need to up the money from last year. Just saying
  14. TF you need to attend another event before you become an old man & cannot make the trip. This is # 10 & it is kind of special. It would be nice to see you & drink a beer together.
  15. Hey Greg talk to Hemi 31 about rebuilding your trans. I have heard that Eric & Ben to good work on the NAG1. I have a Paramount in mine now & have not had any trouble with it. It is actually the transmission that AJ had in his Charger. He sold it to a guy in Dallas. The guy had it in his car about 2 months & blew motor. He put his car up for sale & parted out trans. I bought it. Even drove to Dallas over night to get it. It has writing on the side of it about AJ being fastest N/A motor at that time. Any way check on getting yours rebuilt. It may save you some money & be stronger too.