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  1. Unfortunately, we’re skipping it this year. We’ll be there next year.
  2. They're have a lot of issues with this code on the Jeep V6 engines too. They usual cure is replacement.
  3. Those look good. I looked at those. I went with the ones from from ZL1 addons that clamp to the pinch wields.
  4. Disregard that last post. We are going. Payment sent and hotel booked! We're going to be there Wednesday through Friday, then we're going to Bristol, TN for the NASCAR races.
  5. Not going to make any promises. That's the weekend we're going to Bristol.
  6. Yeah, ...someone stole my idea! https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/north-carolina-car-race-draws-thousands-after-dubbing-itself-protest/I5YTLFXIYFCXJMKLOFLUECMAUM/
  7. I'm not going to tell you that you can. But there are several places I'm going to "visit".
  8. I'm just thinking, if we call ChallengerFest a "protest" Bowling Green will have to let us have it. ...heck, they even have to let us have Molotov Cocktails and fireworks and the police can't arrest us. Just thinking out loud, I'll go back to my little corner.
  9. I'm sad. Sorry Speedy. This was going to be the best year yet. Thanks for all the hard work.
  10. Deb and I are doing far better than we deserve. We're both "essential" but I haven't had a client since March 12th. She's working five days a week. Because we've both been out in the wild, we haven't had in person contact with our parents in two months. But we chat every day.
  11. Ok, I've made up my mind. Covid or not, May 28th I'm headed to BG!
  12. You should've stopped by Demo's to grab some lunch if they were serving to go orders. Then go have a picnic.