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Yellow Jacket

Full Redneck

The trans on my '09 1500 was starting to go, and I wanted more towing power, so traded it in for this '14 2500. The Uconnect 8.4 system really kicks ass. I recently added a front hitch to better maneuver my trailers into the garage, and a forward-looking camera to help park this beast, as well as hook up the front hitch.


With the lift and chrome, I believe I am now more redneck than Speedy and his Camaro.  :D


This is the truck that pulled DevilDogge to the Heavy Duty Dark Side. Chuck, you know you want to also...



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Cam, I'd love to have a yellow boat to tow! At least the Sea Doos are yellow, but the boat has a black stripe. 


Thanks everyone. I told Phill I'm entering the truck in the car show at CF8. Heidi's got to love all the chrome bling.

They didn't have any in a decent color?











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Holy shiw Howie, over compensating much?   lol


I was wondering that DevilDogge was talking about in the other thread. Nice rig... Does it have the 6.4?  


Yeah Denis, 2014 was the first year they offered the 6.4. The best part about it is, it calls for 87 octane, not 89 like the 5.7's! I had to read that part of the owner's manual a couple times before I believed it. So even though the mileage is worse than the 1500, it actually costs me less per mile to operate. And with the bigger fuel tank, I get the same range as the 1500. Don't tell the tree huggers though...


I am no chrome fan, but that truck kicks ass. Congrats!


Me neither Alan, and I probably would have built it differently had I done it. But it was a good deal used, so I jumped on it. I didn't realize all the attention it would get just driving around town, nor how much I would enjoy that part of it! Between this and the Yellow Jacket, my vehicles are anything but boring. And the chrome is really easy to keep looking clean and shiny. 


That is one big fucking truck!  Congrats!


Thanks Rob!

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You need a lic plate that says TONKA now!


Overcab lights?  Yep, your way more redneck than me now Howie lol


That truck is bad ass.  I've have one just like it only Hemi orange ha!

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