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  1. Those are the lugs he purchased that we informed the OP that we use a 13/16" on.
  2. Welcome, Heidi. You know we love you and BT. Glad to see you here ... and nice to see all these really kind posts, too.
  3. I'm working up the price for you, Andy. We do have 1 here in stock.
  4. Before you call people liars ... The writer said "Up until now, we have yet to see any of the 2012 SRT products on a chassis dyno." Did you somehow get a 2012 Challenger 392 last year??? I'm guessing not.
  5. That will look cool. I bought the black chrome Mopar '10 grille and am having it painted flat black.
  6. But alas, you do not. As a matter of fact, you have never met any of the MMM staff (aside from me). It's a pretty great group, lots of credentials.
  7. You think you know everything ...
  8. Try again? The companies have the same owner ... but all different staff between the two.
  9. No, the magazine is made by Modern Mopar Magazine, Inc. It is NOT made by Speedlogix. I (Lisa) do own both companies ... and a few others, too. No different than how the same company owns both Arrington and Magnacharger.
  10. Thanks for all the pics, it looks awesome!!
  11. Terrific, thanks!! Still time to register for our show this Saturday!!
  12. Love them, looking good!! We have the hood pins in stock as well http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/p5155755.htm
  13. Just a reminder about the upcoming car show / dyno day!
  14. Come out to our 1st Performance Car Show & Dyno Day on May 7th! This is something cool we have put together with TPN Racing, to not only have an awesome car show and dyno day, but give you an opportunity to see their Challenger and Mustang GRAND-AM race cars, as well as tour the race shop!! We will be unveiling our new line of SXtreme performance parts, as well as displaying a full assortment of Mopar go-fast parts, and our SX vehicles! Register here: http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/sx-may7.htm All makes, models are welcome, and registration is FREE! Club parking is available, so if you want to all roll in to the show together, have each vehicle register and then let us know your club name and total number of cars so we can plan for you. Hope to see you there!!
  15. I like Erik. You are just too far away!!