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  1. Hello,

    I'm hoping you can help me out with a part I need for a 2009 Challenger RT, or any ideas how to fix. I had my cooling fan go out and I replaced the fan unit, but the actual harness on the car side has a melted connection spot. The fan now is unreliable. when I move the harness, the fan comes on.  I need to find just the actual harness (female side) for this connection. Do you have any recommendations? I don't want to order a whole new engine harness for a $10 part.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

    Elmer Meider

  2. See everyone Wednesday night.
  3. After the 44. Magnum Alaskan and my .500 Magnum I am not expecting it to be over the top. Hope I am pleasantly surprised.
  4. Ok I am in for the range for sure, just picked up some .454 Casul for the new Alaskan. Ok I am in for the range for sure, just picked up some .454 Casul for the new Alaskan.
  5. Wow they are dropping like flies. We will be in Wednesday night.
  6. If I can get there early enough yes.
  7. Use the plates.
  8. they don't....you have to run jewel solid lifters so they oil from the lifter up. Supposedly a hydraulic friendly rocker setup coming soon.
  9. Well it's no 8 sec car but 10s should not be a big deal
  10. probably, it would be dependent on current piston to valve clearance and also the radial cut of the relief. On a 6.1 the valve would go to 2.10 from 2.08.
  11. Not sure yet on the wiring. Was really looking for a stock appearing harness.
  12. what ever you can get for them?
  13. So I got another 66 Charger. This car was an incredible rust free find. So I couldn't do both cars I sold the 66 back half car and concentrated my efforts on this one. built a nice forged 6.1, 727 with rev manual valve body and trans brake, 8 3/4 rear. Body is almost done and will be assembling shortly. I will be bringing it to CF8! http://s43.photobucket.com/user/ESC3/slideshow/1966%20Charger
  14. Hurry up, I need to pay the painter.
  15. it's only money.....you don't need lights