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  1. Ken is doing it. So is Geoff Bracken.
  2. I was wondering which MSHS racers are doing RoadKill nights?
  3. Ben rebuilt our stock Nag1 last year after 4 yrs of thrashing on it. Rebuilt tranny has upgraded clutches and gears. Tranny is better than new. Best tranny shop around.on
  4. Congrats on the new toy!!
  5. Congrats on getting in the 11 sec club.
  6. This is what I used for the 2 yrs I had my Challenger SE. Apply at the beginning of the winter. I also carried a small thin plastic putty knife with we to break the ice loose that forms between the rubber seal and the bottom of the window. That is all you can do to take care of the problem. That or build a garage and store your car in the winter.
  7. From the album HEMIWOMAN

    Pulling the wheels at MSHS at MIR.
  8. It was great to see you doing so good at the track tonight. Congrats on the Street Wars win.
  9. I'll have my tow vehicle ,a Jeep GCO with 5.7 Hemi to run in the tow vehicle class.
  10. Congrats Lisa and BBoy!!!
  11. There is a mile race in Ohio now. It's in Wilmington, Oh. Coming up soon, April I think.