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Challengerfest 8 Event Ts!

!!Pre-Orders closed.  If you didn't get a pre-order and want to insure you get your size contact me!!


This year to make things more simple, all shirts are $16 pre-order.  They will be $20 at the event.  I sell out every year so if you want to guarantee your size, pre-order and save a few bucks.


They will be grey with the CF8 logo on the front and black sponsor logos on the back.




Speedy 1 x LG 1 x M PAID

BayoutTiger/BayouTigress 1 x 2XL 1 x LG PAID

WilliamsRT 1 x XL 1 x SM PAID

LuvMyRT 1 x XL 1 x LG PAID

CruzKing - need size PAID

Wesley E XL 1

William B XL 2
Clark M XL 1
Michael C 3XL 1
Kevin O LG 1
Kevin D 2XL 1
James S 3XL 1
James S LG 1
James S M 1
Mark S 3XL 1
Mark S 2XL 2
Mark S XL 1
William M 2XL 1
Michael W XL 1
Jenny B LG 1
Jenny B XL 1
Rob F 2XL 1
Michael O 2XL 1
Eddie M 3XL 1
Eddie M LG 1
Traci K 2XL 2
Ryan B LG 1
Ryan B Kids SM 1
Colin M 2XL 1
Marylouise B 2XL 1
Marylouise B 3XL 1
Howie R M 1
Robert F 3XL 1
Jonathan K XL 1
Jonathan K 2XL 1
Brian D 2XL 2
Jerry W Kids LG 1
Jerry W XL 1
Daniel K XL 1
Daniel K 2XL 1
Tony H 3XL 1
Tony H 2XL 2

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Forget the screen names.  PP did something janky and it's too much trouble to sort out.  Don't need it anyway since the PayPal info has your real name which is what we go by anyway.

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J, Chuck's needs to be a 2xl. You all will not recognize him. He has lost 70 lbs since any of you have seen him :)


holy moly! thats great!



ordered mine tonight

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