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  1. Nice Work....Love It!! Got any sweet pics??
  2. A little Update: I got Allens car all back together and am working some e-mail tunes with SVS Bob till we trailer the car down to Sac Town on the 15th of April. CTP's heat exchanger upgrade is FN killer !!! I have the fans and blower water pump wired to trigger automatically with the fans or thru a switch panel I mounted in the car. Using the manual switch for cooling betweens runs! We also have the CTP 8 Rib Stand alone KB belt system all worked out and installed.....Running a CTP 8" LWR pulley mounted to a ATI dampener and KB 3.125" UPR which has netted us 16.6 PSI. I haven't tested the KB 2.73" UPR except to get belt length corrected. I'm haveing some Billet UPR and Tension Pulleys made from Reichard Racing.....They're gona look sweet!! So far I've put about 200 Miles on the car while collecting data.....and about 25 WOT's......everyhting is working perfectly. Here's some Old pics during re-assembly. I'll get some new ones now that I have the Engine Bay All Pimped out!
  3. Sweet, Heat exchanger and and new AN fitting/hoses are in hand!! Gona get a little welding done then start some installing. Oh yeah.....missed my flight to Israel....rebooked for Saturday. I told ya....I wanted to work on this car!!! Who gives a shit about my 7K airline ticket!! G
  4. Thanks Brutha......I know this is gona sound stupid......but I just want to get back home so I can finsih up my tuning and get Allen's parts installed and into tuning!! Spring is coming and I want us both to be ready! G
  5. You can hook the power up....however you like! I'm going to hook it to a temp sensor to trigger it for every day use.....as well as have it hooked to switch power.....so He can turn it on whenever he likes (Example....During cool downs after a run). I'm gona do the same with his water pump! G Thanks Bro......Its been a long time come'in!!! We started this project and the belt system......about 6 months ago......CAM had so many projects to finish first, but things are starting to move now and I've started the KB install for Allen. I'm gano lose a little time here....I'm Heading to Isreal for a week or two...to straighten out some messes there but when I get back....I'm gan hit it hard in hopes of tuning by the end of Feb. I still have a bit of e85 tuning to do on my car.....It in the Roll Bar shop right now!! G
  6. Yeah, Been waiting months for the stand alone....He's just about done....ATI is killing his progress! The stand alone's been the tent pole for my KB install on my buddies build, but I can see the light now....Shit is happening, CAMS stoked....I'm Stoked and I know Allen is going nuts!
  7. Well, Been working with CAM for quite some time and we're just about to take delivery on CTP's "Skunk Work" Heat Exchanger mod parts. CAMS heat exchanger is 24x6x4 with air flow control using (3) 5.5" Fans. I wanted to be able to force air thru it....while sitting still. I also wanted to improove the fascia inlet air flow....and CAMS got that coverd with his fascia mod. I hope to have the parts on Allen's rig in the next couple weeks. I'll post up pics....as I start the install, but here's a few shots of the heat exhanger!! CTP's Stand alone belt drive for the KB is just about done as well...again.....I'll post that up too! G
  8. I've never raced there....But its in the cards!!! Let me know when you're around....and Allen and I will see what we can do!!
  9. Oh yeah.... I get some knock from my blower as well! Ther's only (1) way to know and it fairly resonable........It a must have if you ask me!! http://theknockbox.com.au/ G
  10. Nope.....92 up to now!! I just checked Russ's latest tune for 10 PSI with Lu80's and 92 Octane....the car ran great! I've been tuning since my injector swap from G302's (Factory Kit) to Lu80's....and I'm finally back to where I was before the swap! Now......all my ducks are in a row for e85....so I just need to run the last 1/2 tank of 92 out and the tuning starts again!
  11. So, Late September Early October??? Yeah....good Air! I was thinking Firebird (Boise) but the elevation sucks! Almost 2700 ft. You gotta get a track with good elevation and some dry weather!! I have had really good luck closing out the season at Potland or Wood Burn.....Its been dry the last 3 years and the air has been perfect. I'll keep watching your post fellas....this could be fun! Spokane, Yakima or Walla Walla (Good Elevation) G
  12. Its not what I've found. There's just too many little changes between boost levels and I have a pretty small tuning window....I still run 10.5 to 1. I have to find the sweet spot for Det, at each PSI jump. G
  13. He's welcome anytime. For me.....That's the beautiy with a Solid 426 foundation and a good blower.......You can run low boost and have one heck of a killer ride with no durabilty issues....do a medium pulley up and piss yourself.....or big dog pulley's and wear the depends!! I can do my pulley/ tune swaps in about 15 min and can run 4 PSI to 12 PSI anytime I like!! I haven't found a need to break past the 12 PSI Level !! So the key is to run a 7.5" to 8.0" LWR pulley and never have to mess with it again.......and dial in your boost with the UPR Pulley swaps. Good Time....I love this Shit!
  14. That would be a fun little Jeep to run around in!!
  15. I hear ya......Take your time and enjoy your ride, but I must say....Nice parts list so far! The key to the remote tuning....is sensor data. When you're ready.....hell you can istall most of it now and get it our of the way....still plenty of time before spring!! Above the factory Sensors.....You have to Log - EGT's - AFR's - Lambda - RPM - Fuel Pressure - Boost I pic up all of these plus some others.....with my zietronix!!! Love this set-up!! I'm running twin Zietronix in Allens build......I tore his innovate system out the other day! Your rear Dif??? With a 426 and the Techco....any thing less than a 8.8 is gona leave you stranded if you plan to make it hook!! Myself....I'm still gona run my Getrag but I'm planning to always get atleast 1 revolution of spin at launch till I can afford the big boy toys! Whatever route you go....just give me a buzz and I can help ya out......It'll be sweet having another Techco in the hood!! G.